Gluten Free Living

What is gluten?

Gluten is the protein found in wheat, barley, rye and other related wheat species. When added to food it helps baked goods keep their structure, and is increasingly found in more food items for consistency and taste purposes. Baking without gluten can be tricky, and different methods need to be applied to help form structure and taste.

What foods contain gluten?

Gluten can be found in many food products, and is typically found in those which have a flour base. Cookies, biscuits, cakes, pasta, bread and cereals all contain gluten however gluten can also be found hidden in many sauces, ready meals, and processed meat dishes. To help consumers identify which foods contain gluten, many products now have allergen labelling which helps those who follow a gluten free diet to identify suitable products. Below is a list of some foods which contain gluten; Barley, Biscuits, Bran, Bread, Cakes, Cereals, Couscous, Semolina, Wheat.

There are many great foods that are naturally gluten free, and some suitable energy foods include; butternut squash, rice cakes, quinoa, rice, polenta, beans and lentils.

Why choose gluten free?

Gluten sensitivities and coeliac disease are increasing, and many people are now discovering the benefits of following a gluten free diet. People have different levels of sensitivity to gluten, and whilst most people can tolerate a low level of gluten, others cannot and experience health problems. Researchers are still investigating why gluten makes people feel bloated and experience sore heads, and why removing gluten from the diet increases energy levels, and makes many people feel better and healthier.

Support for gluten free

Here at Angelic we are committed to supporting our consumers, and as well as offering super tasty biscuits, cookies and cakes, you can find helpful information about gluten free, recipe ideas, and much more. We provide an online community where you can find out about living gluten free, win weekly prizes, and share your gluten free experience with others.

We’re also a member of Coeliac UK, and they offer a great support network for those living gluten free. You can find out more about their services at